At early winter a friend’s wedding in Dubai made me exited to plan a few days’ vacation and make a tour of beautiful city we all know as Dubai. Dubai, a mesmerizing piece of land, where you can see the most beautiful sky-touching buildings and hi-tech facilities at a single call. Natural-looking crafted parks and best architecture make you feel like you are at some other planet. But most interesting thing about what I enjoyed the most during my vacation was a Desert Safari in Dubai. It offered me a lot of adventure and fun at unexpectedly low prices. An amazing trip of desert with lots of photo shoots and sunset experience in a comfortable Land Cruiser made my day unexplainably interesting. Seriously desert can be an interesting place to visit, I never imagined off.

As I was a single person in that trip, safari arranging company made a group of six people for me but you can plan a private family group too for the safari adventure trip. As my friend is a resident of Dubai, he provided booking of a professional safari riding company to make my trip a delightful and exciting one. Unprofessional trip planners’ reviews are not good and they can totally ruin your trip and waste your precious money. So be careful while choosing a safari company. I was lucky enough as my trip was with a professional operator who was able to live up to the remarkable trip promises and hence made my vacations memorable.

Mostly every tour planning company includes Desert Land Cruiser Safari with Camel Ride, Dune Buggy Safari, Bike riding, BBQ/ vegetarian Dinner, Belly Dance, free refills of cocktails and other drinks, and Dubai Island Tour in their packages. But some companies also offer Wadi and Mountain Safaris and Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner too. The company which I chose was a specialist in corporate and events planning with different organizations and School Student Adventure Programs. These programs are a bit modified and customized according to the willingness of the tourists at very affordable additional charges.

I really enjoyed my desert safari roller coaster ride and other adventures during my Dubai trip. My whole trip was full of exiting views and pictures with all my group friends and cruise members. A sunset in desert, I had never seen it before sitting on the back of white snowy camel. A sand dune star light trip with fire show and belly dance all were compelling enough. I didn’t imagine such a camping with fully-furnished interior and facilities of lighting, heaters, washrooms, telecommunication and shisha servings. Arabs are very cultured and well-mannered people. Their gesture and guest treatment is unforgettable for me.

I recommend you guys to plan your Dubai desert safari trip this winter and experience overnight desert safari in Dubai to create an unforgettable memory for your life.