A tractor is a machine which contains multiple mechanical parts. When these parts are combined, they help the tractor to perform different tasks which are related to farming and agriculture purposed such a cropping seeds, harvesting, tiling, disking, making bundles, carrying weight as well as pulling of machinery which is also related to agricultural activities. Tractors such as Massey Ferguson 590 are manufactured in industries with different steps. Each step takes part in the assembly of the tractor. Those steps include humans as well as robots. There are some steps that can’t be accurately performed by humans due to which engineers designed robots that perform such tasks. These tasks usually include assembling the parts of the tractor, painting the body kit of the tractor, trimming pieces to form the parts of the tractor as well as tracking of hidden dents on the surface of the tractor. 

The parts that help the driver to control the tractor are clutch pedal, accelerator, brake, gear box as well as steering wheel. The duty of the clutch is to perform torque as much as the driver wants and transmit the toque to from the engine to the drivetrain of the tractor. Accelerator helps the driver to maintain the speed of the tractor. Accelerator also helps to control the stability and driving ability of the tractor in different surface and weather conditions. The task of brake isn’t only to bring the tractor to stagnancy but to allow the drive easily decide the path for the tractor in high and low ground conditions by stopping the tractor multiple times in different positions. Gear box is fitted with stages of speed. Each stage is required to be achieved when the driver wants to increase the speed of the tractor. Steering wheel allows the driver to move in any direction from north to west. 

One of the most important parts of the tractor is the radiator which helps the engine of the tractor to stay durable and strong for longer period. The duty of the radiator is to collection the flow of air that is coming towards the tractor, convert it into cold air which the help of cooling liquid inside the radiator and let the air engage with the fan behind the radiator. This fan allows the air to flow in more and touch the engine. As a result, the engine remains cold which prevents the engine from seizing. 

Once all these parts of the tractor are working and performing efficiently, the farmers faces no issues in using the disc plough for soils breaking purposes.