2020 is at corner and challenges’ shadow can be seen. Majority of the challenges; however, will be faced by teachers and educational centres because they face the kids of today who might seem to be rude, intelligent but dumb as well. 

Although, they are aware, they need education and knowledge but teachers could not teach them in a typical way. They is need to change the way of teaching. There is the requirement of numerous changes. Some of them are:

  1. Technology: Technology is the main tool which is needed to introduce in this era or in this time because it has number of advantages. It can work as the helping hand of teachers because phones and projectors can be used to show them videos of photosynthesis or programming to let them visualize these processes which will make the learning easier and full of fun. Besides this, technology and applications can make the learning effective. Teachers can make them download specific applications in their gadgets and task them to do specific activities on which they will be given marks and grades. Furthermore, the whole class can be connected on Google classrooms and WhatsApp to share knowledge and lessons with each other. 
  2. Practicality: Instead of making the class lecture-based, there is need to teach them numerous topics by practicality. Instead of giving lecture on laws of motions, why don’t we start teaching the same laws by playing cricket with them? In this way they will learn more because fun is, itself, a great teacher.
    Similarly, teachers can teach them basic operations of maths by playing cricket or making them to collect money for donation by selling lemonade or bookmarks. In this way, they will learn teamwork and cooperation too.
    In today’s world, it is getting important to teach them via practicality because, unlike other kids of past, they do not move and exercise due to which there are chances that they might get retarded soon.
  3. Discussions: Don’t give them lectures, discuss with them. Try to turn a classroom into a platform where everyone would be free to give their opinions about a certain which is being discussed in class. In this way, they will learn to talk and they will learn to speak confidently in front of public and adults which is important because communication is an important part of our lives.  For this, you do not need to contact school furniture suppliers in UAE or shops of stationary in Dubai. You just need to talk to them and make the class informal so that students can be turned and moulded into better humans who are confident, skilled, communicator and smart to control and to run this world.