There are a lot of people who are trying to get income from their extra house and for that they will give that for rent to people who are in need. They can either give an advertisement in the newspaper or they can get registered with the Airbnb Dubai so that more people will get to know about your house and they will come to you for that. You have to ask a few questions from your guests to get the assurance that you are giving your house to the right people. If you are not satisfied with people and get some strange vibes in their presence then there is no need to give your house to them. You can give your house on short term rentals Dubai but make sure to get the contract on that in which everything should be written clearly like about the time, rental amount and other things. See below things to rent out your house:

Nearby houses is a great challenge for you while you are putting your house on rent and especially when these houses are also given on rent. You need to see the rent prices of these houses and then decide about yours because when people come to check out your house and see that there are many other houses available on rent then they will have more options to choose and they will definitely choose the one which has lowest rent and if you do not want to give your house on that amount then you need to provide some other facilities with your house to attract more clients and make sure that they are willing to pay more than nearby houses.

When you are determining the amount of rent for your house then you should also see the condition of your house and check the condition of other houses around you too. If the condition of your house is far better than others then people will easily be willing to pay more rent to you but if the case is opposite then you should not expect a higher rent from them. If you demand more rent in lesser condition then you will not get any guest as everyone will try to get the house with more facilities and in better condition. Renovate your house first to earn more rent.