If you’re an entrepreneur of a growing business and you’re on the lookout for the best place to base your regional office so as to tap international markets, Dubai is the ultimate destination to implement your expansion plans. There are many features and factors that make Dubai as the trade and business hub for many international companies and businesses over the past many years. The companies which wanted to expand their reach to the regional trade hubs like African, European, Central Asian, South Asian, South East Asian, and Far East Asian regions, went for Dubai to make full use of its political and economic stability and rewarding investment climate to make their dreams a reality. On the contrary, if you’re looking to form a company which is based on the mainland Dubai to cater to the local market, you must be able to have a local sponsor in Dubai to form your company.

Although most of the foreign investors and entrepreneurs opt for forming an offshore company in the various free zones scattered across the United Arab Emirates, there are a huge set of benefits associated with the establishment of an onshore company in Dubai mainland. The first thing to note about forming an onshore company is that you need a local sponsor who is UAE national. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of forming a company in Mainland Dubai.

  1. Establishing an onshore company in Dubai Mainland is beneficial in a way that these companies are exempted from corporate taxes.
  2. No company or investor needs to follow any minimum capital requirement for the formation of onshore company.
  3. The best part of forming an onshore company is that they are allowed to trade with other mainland companies in Dubai or other parts of the United Arab Emirates. Such an arrangement is not available to the companies which are formed at free zones because their business activity is restricted to their respective free trade zone.
  4. Another great benefit of establishing an onshore company in Dubai is that these businesses can have their office location anywhere in the city. This option allows these companies to trade with the businesses in their respective locations. Moreover, they can also form multiple branches of the company anywhere in the UAE.
  5. Unlike free trade zone-based companies, the mainland Dubai companies can take up governmental works and projects.
  6. There is no currency restriction on the mainland businesses in Dubai.
  7. You can get unlimited number of visas under your mainland Dubai company, however the eligibility to get visas relies heavily on the size of the office space. The bigger the office space is the more number of visas you can obtain.
  8. The mainland Dubai companies can repatriate 100 percent of profits and capital. The best PRO services in Abu Dhabi can further educate you on the many features and benefits of forming onshore companies in the city.