Every business and firm has to get audited in order to keep their financial statements straight and clear. Chartered accountant firm in Dubai, UAE is hired in order to get that purpose. There are several different firms which are offering to provide you best bookkeeping services in Dubai. You just have to choose the best amongst them. No firm will ever say that they are not good enough to do what you want. It is your responsibility to hire the best one for your firm. Following are some rules to follow when you are going to hire a firm:

Before hiring any firm you have to make sure that the firm is legal or not. In order to get this information you have to ask about the permit of the firm which government and concerned offices provide. It is an important thing to know because you are going to trust them with your financial statements and you will never want to get ruined by them. These firms should have the permit to work and also they should have the required qualifications.

They should have the qualified staff which will provide you with best services and assistance. Permits are like the sanctions from the government which it gives to any firm when it thinks that this firm is eligible to do the assigned work. There are some firms which have fake authorization cards to show and you will be trapped in their bait if not give attention to the details. It is necessary for you to first know about the government given cards and then ask it from any firm. In this case you will know easily about the original and the fake ones. It is also your responsibility to highlight the fake ones if you identify them and report them to the government as well as to the concerned authorities.

You also have to make sure that the firm which you hire must provide you the exact same facilities which they promise to provide while hiring and then they have to get paid accordingly. If they do not provide you exactly like promised then you may cut the amount which you have to pay. As a security to your financial work you should never pay the entire amount in advance.