Link building is considered as one of the building blocks of SEO. If an SEO consultant were able to do this right, he/she will see significant increase in his/her SEO performance campaign. Of course, doing it wrong can ruin the campaign in a big, bad way.

Which is why it is a must for SEO experts to find the right and accepted ways to do digital marketing companies. But aside from that, they should also go out of their way to find new link building strategies that can take their SEO campaign to the next level. If you are looking to improve your link building this year, these tactics might be able to help you out.

  1. Do not concentrate on one search engine

Okay, we all know that Google is one of the primary search engine that can get you the organic and referral traffic that you need or want. But it wouldn’t hurt to try other search engines as well. Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo! can help in bringing your numbers up. You can also explore other avenues of traffic like social media platforms. With link building, you need to take advantage of any platform that can help achieve your goal.

  1. Get your On Page SEO in order

No matter how stellar and excellent your link building and Off Page strategies are, if your website is a mess, your effort will be futile. Make sure that your site is fully optimized for link building and traffic. While you are building your link strategies, you also need to check if your site is up for it. Do a full website audit on the site before you roll out your SEO campaign. You may need to tweak or change some of the website elements to ensure that everything is in place before you launch your link building tactics.

  1. Proofread your outreach email

This is not just about the grammar. You need to check if your outreach emails sound right to the readers. Some SEO experts suggest creating different templates when you are sending out outreach emails to webmasters. This is to avoid sounding like an automated message. Read and re-read your context. It would be best if you can have someone to check on your outreach email.

  1. Do not rush people

When doing outreach campaigns, do not expect to get a feedback right away. It may take some time for webmasters to reply to your email. Set a time frame about when you are going to send your follow up email. Do not rush them into giving in links to you.

  1. Do not be so bent on changing your anchor texts

Changes that you implemented on your site and on your link building strategy may take some time to effect. Stop running numbers and changing your anchor text every minute. Remember that once you make changes, the time frame for it to take effect will no back to zero.