You cannot deny the benefit of cleaning your place, but do you have time for cleaning? If you live in Sharjah you may be too busy working day at night to meet your living standards and need to maintain home or office. Cleaning services in Sharjah help people have a clean place. The cleaning company provides its services to offices, homes, and other buildings, including apartments, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, clinics, hospitals, schools, and salons, etc. Every space has different rooms and interior so the cleaning process may also differ in some ways. The cost of a cleaning service also varies depending on the building, and the type of workers the company provides. Some people get per hour cleaning services but some need permanent cleaners on daily basis.


Office Cleaning


Offices are either small or large having lobby, workstations, executive rooms,

Conference room, kitchen, and wash areas, etc. Large office buildings may also have dining area, prayer room, gym, store, GM office, and more than one meeting rooms depending on departments. The cost of cleaning depends on the size of the office. Some offices go for a daily cleaning, while some do it after one day’s interval. Daily cleaning only involves dusting, mopping, and cleaning of wet areas, but a deep cleaning of clutter and cabinets is also important on the weekly or monthly basis. So, you can hire a cleaning service the way you want.


Home Cleaning


Maintenance of a house is different than office because it is a private place. Most of the homeowners have maids for daily cleaning. The owner sets a certain time for a maid to come and clean the house. Some homes have servant quarters where maids can stay permanently and are available for 24 hours. The cleaning company can provide you a housemaid either on daily basis or for 2 to 3 days a week depending on your requirement. You can also go for maids per hour in Dubai because they will cost you less compared to the 24-hour maid. The maid can clean the house including exterior and can also wash the cloths and dishes. You can choose to hire a maid for cleaning only, or can choose it for several tasks. Some families also hire maids for cooking or grocery shopping and the wages vary accordingly.


Some top cleaning companies in Dubai also provide the housekeeping training and teach good manners or etiquettes to their maids.  The Sharjah cleaning companies also provide maids for the entire apartment building or for schools and any other places.