Are you traveling and wish to rent a car in Dubai? Finally, you are all set to rent the car of your choice. But, before moving ahead with renting the car, there are some things you must look for. Believe it or not, but not taking these elements into consideration can lead to you paying a lot more for the service or even getting your hands on a damaged car. In some cases, people not paying attention to these have often paid more money and suffered the consequences for not being too careful. Like all rent a car customers, you would love to avoid any mishap be it financial or to the property. The good news is that little care goes a long way. Here are things you must pay attention to before hiring a car rental service:

Make sure that you use a credit card

Money is the key to most things in life, and renting a car is no exception. But, before you proceed with the transaction, you must consider using a credit card to make payments. Paying cash is not the best way to make payments anyway these days. Also, using a credit card will ensure that your car rental service doesn’t deduct any extra charges. Moreover, you can push the transaction and instruct your bank and rental service about it.

Kids must not be allowed to drive

If you rented a luxury car or an SUV, chances are that your kids would want to love to be at the steering wheel. However, what if they ended up smashing it somewhere of caused a malfunction due to excitement? This is not a good omen by any means. Imagine the consequences if that happens, the company will ask you to recover damages from own pocket and perhaps charge you insurance fees too. The best way to avoid such incidents is to avoid giving the car keys to your kids at all. Just let them enjoy the ride from the backseat.

Drive the car safely on paved roads

A universal rule to rent a car is to return it in the same condition. That’s what the company expects from customers as well. But, taking the car on uneven and hilly roads may result in some damage to any part of the vehicle. Again, if that happens, you’ll end up paying the damages from your pocket. Just keep the car to paved roads and have as much fun riding it as you want. Look at here now for more details in this regard.