Tyres come up with different qualities and for various seasons. Some tyres are more suitable for summers; some are good for winters, and some suit to all seasons. Pirelli Dubai tyres are good for winters when most of the other tyres fail to provide safety. Different retailers sell Pirelli tyres but always go for pure tyres that provide the high-standard qualities. Let’s see what Pirelli tyres bring for us and how to use them in winters for full benefits.

Help Drive Smoothly

Pirelli tyres are very comfortable and provide smooth driving, provided you also consider a few things. Don’t try abrupt braking because your car will lose control when on snow and accident will happen. Experts also suggest staying away from poor steering. Your driving skills should be good to drive smoothly in winters no matter how good tyres you have.

Monitor the Speed

Every tyre comes up with a certain speed limit so follow that speed, especially, the winter tyres need more consideration. We recommend you to drive with a speed less than normal so you can stay safe on snow or wet roads.


Go For Four Winter Tyres

You need to keep balance in all four tyres for safety and good performance, so all tyres should be of same brand, design, features, and season. The uniformity of four tyres will help you have a great drive without an accident or without any damage to the tyres.


Maintain Tread Depth


All winter tyres come up with a certain limit of tread depth that determines the performance of the tyre. In certain areas, the minimum tread depth is 2/32”, and generally, the tyres perform well at 5/32”.


Monitor Tyre Rotation


The durability of the tyres increases with the proper rotation so be careful in that when its winter. Experts recommend carrying 5,000/7,000 miles rotation for winter tyres. You will remain safe by following the standard rules while driving with winter tyres, like Pirelli.

Use Good Storage

Store your tyres in an inflated condition when they are not in use. Place the tyres in a vertical form with some distance from the ground, like 4 inches. Also store them independently in a single shelve. You should also store the Continental tyres considering the essential precautions. By considering the given factors you can keep the tyres in a good condition and can drive safe. While purchasing the winter tyres make sure they are genuine. One sign of winter tyres is that they come up with mud and snow or m+s marking on their sides denoted by a snowflake mark. Every brand comes up with its own style, but don’t forget to check the winter marks on winter tyres.