A lot of offices today are struggling to keep their files together and organized. With the combined physical and digital files available, administrative personnel need to double-time to ensure that these files are in order and in a safe location.

But with the constant stream of data and papers coming in everyday, it is hard to keep up with storing everything, let alone organizing them. But reputable outsourcing companies in Abu Dhabi provides a list of pointers to help you file and organize every single file in your office space:

  • Shred unnecessary documents

When you are trying to sort out all the files in your office, the first thing that you need to do is clean and clear the unnecessary clutter and shred the redundant documents. Too many unnecessary documents can mess up your filing. So, take some time to check every document you have in your file and see if a certain paper will go for filing or disposal.

Same goes with digital files, make it a habit to erase unnecessary files on your PC or storage disk. These files can eat up the space and memory on your devices.

  • Create a filing system

Once you are done with sorting and disposing the unnecessary papers, you can now proceed with creating a filing system. Although there are generic filing systems and processes you can check through research, you need to check first if the said system will be applicable for your team. With filing, there is no one solution-fits-all scenario. You need to find a system that works for you. So take time to devise a system that you think will not office filing easier in the future.

  • Label diligently

One of the biggest mistakes that must admin personnel commit is not being too diligent and careful with labelling the documents. Not getting your labeling in order can totally mess up your labeling system. Brief all the people concern about the proper labeling and give specific instructions when putting labels on each file.

  • Store digital files on cloud

Going digital is a great way to save on space. However, the downside is, there is a chance of file corrupting or getting lost. It would be best to back up all the digital files in a cloud system just to be safe.

  • Go for outsourced record management

If your files are too big or too many to sort. It would be best to move them to facilities offer records management in Dubai. These places can offering the space and organizing you need to sort all your files.