Kids grow up so fast. Just yesterday, you were just holding this sweet, little angel to sleep, but before you know it, they become an independent little adult. With the transition happening so fast, it is hard to keep up with their changing needs, including converting their nursery room to a functional toddler’s room.

If you think that toddler need some room transition, here are some ideas from the best interior fit out contractors in Dubai that can help you convert his/her old nursery space to a little kid’s bedroom:

  1. From crib to bed

Now that your kid is all grown up (almost), you need to ensure that their new bedroom would fit their needs, especially the bed. You might need to remove their old crib and opt for a small bed instead. You need to ensure that the mattress you will select will provide the utmost comfort for your toddler. When visiting the mattress store, pick a bed that is firm enough to support his/her growing body but also soft enough for him/her to sleep soundly at night. You also need to take into account the height of the bed. Be sure it fits his/her height.

  1. From nursery cot to toddler beddings

Apart from the bed, you may need to do some beddings and linen shopping for your young adult. Do not just go for the design. Be sure that the beddings are as comfortable as the bed. Be sure that the material of the bedding will not harm your kid’s sensitive skin. You might want to choose a bedding that is hypo-allergenic to prevent causing allergies that can interrupt your kid’s sleep.

  1. From changing table to kid’s closet

At this stage, your toddler might be old enough to use the changing table. If you are thinking about what to do with it, you can repurpose it and turn it into a kid’s closet or a toy counter or storage. This will save you from buying an additional closet.

  1. From mat to play pen

Your toddler is now passed the crawling and learning-to-walk stage. What he/she needs now is more space to play and run. You might want to consider replacing the mat with a playpen where your toddler can spend his/her time playing with toys or other toddlers.

  1. From baby design to toddler room concepts

Your toddler is old enough to make choices and probably, this is the best time to start training them. Allow your kid to choose the design they like in their room. You might want to give them some reference they can look and choose.

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